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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your keepsakes apart from other do-it-yourself or plaster hand and footprint kits?

Unlike other handprint and footprint kits, By Baby’s ceramic keepsakes are meant to preserve your child’s prints for generations to come.  Other kits use messy plaster that is not only difficult to capture a print, but dries to the consistency of chalk and is impermanent and fragile.  Our prints are not produced by mixing plaster with water, but are heirloom-quality made of real ceramic.  Your By Baby print will spend dozens of hours in a kiln, firing at temperatures in the thousands of degrees.  Our keepsake prints are 100% hand-crafted by ceramic artists in our studio.  Our keepsakes are works of art that are completely customizable from the shape, text, and font to the color and ribbon choice. 

We take great pride in our work, and make sure everything that comes out of our studio is something that we would be proud to hang in our own homes.  By Baby uses a kiln-firing process to create your keepsake which is also used by artists, sculptors, and fine china houses.  This process sets our keepsakes apart from other “keepsake” products manufactured with inferior processes such as plaster, or oven-baked clay.  By Baby’s intensive process ensures both beauty and durability.  What more, you only have to take the impression once, and can order more keepsake prints, ornaments or garden stones to fill your home with pitter-patter memories, or as gifts to warm the hearts of your loved ones.  Our customers have told us time and time again, “Your products are the cutest we’ve seen!”


How difficult is it to take my child’s impression?

Not at all!  While many parents are intimidated by the thought of capturing their little one’s hand or footprint, there is no worry with By Baby’s simple impression-taking process.  With your order, you will receive simple instructions on how to take an impression.  This kit was developed by moms who understand the importance of a mess and stress-free process, so we use the softest, cleanest, and most child-friendly modeling compound.  What more, you can retake your child’s impression as many times as necessary to get the perfect print, as our compound can be easily re-formed.


After you receive my original impressions, how do you transform them into a kiln-fired, permanent keepsake?

By Baby has an exclusive method by which your child’s prints are transferred from our impression-taking material to your finished ceramic heirloom.  The same fine lines and details of your child’s hand and foot impression are visible on your final piece.  Our unique impression-taking kit allows you the convenience of taking your child’s impression in your own home and without dealing with messy, hard clay. 


If I want to order more keepsakes using the same prints, do I have to take additional impressions?

No!  What is better than an easy impression-taking process?  One that you only have to do once!  Simply press your child’s hand and foot into our mess-free, non toxic impression-taking material and order as many keepsakes as you want!  This makes easy gift-giving to dad, mom, grandma, grandpa and anyone else who will treasure your little one’s prints.


What if my print is damaged or broken while you are making it?

Due to the delicate nature of ceramics, it is possible that your print could crack or break during one of the kiln firing cycles.  This is rare, but can happen.  In this case, we will need to re-make your keepsake from scratch, which can take an additional 6-8 weeks before completion of your order; therefore the original completion date you were quoted will not be met.  The good news is that we have saved and preserved your child’s hand/footprints, so you do NOT need to re-take their impressions!  In the rare instance that this happens to your keepsake, we will contact you immediately.   


What happens if I break my keepsake?

We can replace your broken keepsake with an identical keepsake print.  We keep your original impressions archived for a minimum of one year as a service to our customers.  From these, we can continue to make keepsakes with the same detail you cherished in your original print.   


Once I place an order online for a kit, how long does it take to arrive?

We ship out our kits via USPS priority mail either the same business day or the next business day after your order has been placed.  USPS priority mail takes an average of 2-3 days, depending on your location.


How long does it take to receive my keepsake print after I send in my child’s impressions? 

Once we receive your impressions in our studio, your final keepsake will arrive to you in approximately 10 weeks. While our keepsakes are often shipped sooner than 10 weeks from when we receive your impressions back at our production studio, we like to be conservative in our estimation, as all of our pieces are 100% hand-crafted and go through an elaborate and extensive production cycle.


What if my print is damaged or broken when I receive it?

We take every care to make sure your keepsake arrives to you in pristine condition.  If, however, there is a rare case where your print is damaged in shipping, you may contact us within two days of your confirmed delivery date.  We will require you to email a jpeg picture of the broken item to and we will make you a new keepsake at no additional cost.  To guarantee replacement free of charge, we stress the importance of sending back to us a picture of the damaged print.

Order-in-Progress FAQ's:

1. Once I’ve placed an order, can I change any of the customized details on my keepsake?

Although it slows things down when you make changes to your keepsake, the following changes can be made:

Change must be within 2 weeks of your order date –
Shape of your keepsake
Any text (name, age, etc.) on your keepsake
Any icons on your keepsake

Change must be within 4 weeks of your order date –
Paint Colors
Changing dots or stripes
Changing your ribbon choice

To make a change, please submit the Order Inquiry Form above and note the changes in the comments/questions section.

2. Where is my order? How long does it take? I haven’t heard from you in weeks!

All of our items are hand made from start to finish and take several weeks to go through all of the phases of production. For any products that don’t include hand or footprints, our estimated turnaround time is approximately 6 weeks.  For any handprint/footprint products, our estimated turnaround time is approximately 8-10 weeks from the date we receive your impressions in our studio.   (*Please note that the 8-10 weeks starts when we receive your impressions, not when you place your order)! 

If you haven’t heard from us and it’s been a few weeks, please don’t worry!  We are in the process of making your keepsake(s).  If your order is running longer than the estimated time, we will be happy to look into it for you.


3. I’d like to add onto my order.  Can you make additional products for me?  Do I need to re-take my child’s impressions?

Because we keep all of our customer impressions on file at our studio, you can add onto your order at any time!  We DO NOT need to re-take your child’s impressions for any additional products since we can make a limitless number of keepsakes from one original impression!  Just send an email to us at and let us know the following –

  • What you’d like to add on
  • Quantity
  • Shape
  • Colors
  • Font
  • Text
  • Upgrades (Dots/Stripes/Icons, etc.)

We will reply to you with the new charge amount for approval to charge your credit card. 

4. I would like my order rushed. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, we cannot rush orders due to the time intensive and sensitive nature of ceramics.  This attention to detail is why By Baby keepsakes are the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsakes available.


5. Once my keepsake is ready, how will I be notified?

As soon as your keepsake is ready, By Baby will send you an email.  Please add us to your address book so your email recognizes our address and doesn’t send us to your “junk” box.  The email to add is .


6. Once my keepsake is ready, what are the shipping options?

We will usually ship the keepsake order to you via USPS.  If your order includes a garden stone or multiple products, we may ship via FedEx.  Please do not worry about your keepsake breaking during shipment.  We have shipped thousands of these keepsakes over the years and we pack them very, very carefully! 

7. Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  We are happy to ship anywhere in the world!  Canada and other countries will have additional shipping charges associated with their orders. 

8. Do you accept exchanges or returns?

Please see our Customer Service Page for our return/exchange policy